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Why Big Brothers Big Sisters

For 49 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon (BBBSS) has served the diverse and ever-changing needs of Saskatoon’s marginalized and underserved youth. At BBBSS, we aspire to build thriving communities by empowering lives through mentorship. We do this by enabling life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people.


We believe every child has the right to reach their full potential, the right to a bright future and the right to thrive. Our work has been proven to help break the cycles of violence, drug abuse, poverty and inequality. When we show youth that we hear them, value them and are willing to defend their potential – they become thriving adults. We build up the individual to build up their community and create lasting systemic change across Saskatoon.


Every year we must raise over 70% of our operating budget through philanthropic fundraising from the United Way, foundations, service clubs, corporations, individuals and fundraising events.

Notre impact

The Mentoring Effect

Mentorship and positive adult role-modelling are an essential part of a thriving child’s life. Evidence proves that mentorship reduces the risk of depression, social anxiety and promotes self- confidence, healthy living and social competencies. Research shows that 67% of children and youth who are formally mentored have a higher success rate in breaking the cycle of poverty (BCG 2013, SROI). All of our programs are based on the Search Institute’s® 40 Developmental Asset framework that identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships and behaviours that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults.

Comment votre don sera utilisé

The cost to support the relationship of one Big and one Little for one year is $1,500.

For every $1 invested in our programming returns $23 to society through taxes, higher incomes, volunteerism, and charitable donations. Financial donations allow us to be there for kids when they need you the most by placing a caring BBBS mentor in their life.

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